Update 26th May


Dear church family,

Well, that’s Keswick Ayrshire over for another year! During KA 2018 Zoe was two weeks old and I was very sleep deprived. I said then that I’d really enjoy KA 2019 as I wouldn’t have a new born anymore and thus would have had ample sleep!

Cue 2019 and a slipped disc in my back, struggling through the weekend and being signed off the following week! At the end of that weekend, you guessed it, I said I’d really enjoy KA 2020 as I wouldn’t have a new born and I’d make sure I took it easy with my back. Dare I jinx it? Why not, I am really looking forward to KA 2021!!!

I have to say that the other trustees and myself have been overwhelmed by the positive response, I am glad so many of you enjoyed it. It was fantastic to hear from Peter again.

I also wish to thank Cailean and Mairi for leading us in a song of worship after the evening service last night. It was a great encouragement and very expertly put together. So well done!

This week sees the start of a major shift in our circumstances. Come Thursday the lockdown rules will be eased. Please see the government document to clarify just what we will be able to do – https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-framework-decision-making-scotlands-route-map-through-out-crisis/

These new rules may have an impact on our upcoming Saturday night quiz. Richard and Mairi are happy to plan one but are aware that people may be out in parks or gardens visiting family. With that in mind, please email Richard at

cecquiznight@outlook.com to register your interest.

This weekend sees us continue our series ‘Learning from the kings of the Bible’ at the usual time of 11:30am. I will take us through Acts 26 as we consider the impact of King Agrippa and all we can learn from his encounter with Paul.

In the evening we will have something a bit different. Brian is planning a service which will have input from various people. The service will be called ‘Little Things’ and it will be about giving God what we have and expecting big things. It begins at the usual time of 6:30pm.

Please continue to join together in prayer through Zoom, prayer points attached. I am thankful to John Burns for preparing these.

As usual, the links for these services will be sent out on Friday.

Until then, stay safe.




CEC PRAYER MEETING                                                                          WEEK BEGINNING 25 MAY

In the midst of CVD19 you may wish to read, affirm and declare the truth from these Psalms:   Ps. 14 v.2     Ps. 24 v.1   Ps.33 v.13-14

Burt has been encouraging us to pray that God would bring good out of the midst of the current crisis; so we are much encouraged by the report sent out by Pete Greig (24-7 Prayer).Praise the Lord that there has been a prayer surge across the country: an increase in sale of bibles and Church attendance on-line: a resurgence in faith among young people and increased exposure on radio, TV, and national   newspapers. Pray for Church unity throughout UK & Ireland.

We sing “Great is the darkness that covers the earth” – and indeed the darkness has been great due to self-interest, secularism, atheism, false religions etc; it is even greater now as a result of CVD19. Let us cry to God using the chorus of that same song, “Come, Lord Jesus, pour out Your Spirit, we pray”.

May the words of Ps.90 v.16 be realised among us as the church is revived,  backsliders restored, and the lost brought to repentance and faith.

We are hearing a lot about mental health just now. Pray for the spiritual and mental wellbeing of our children and young people, and that people of all ages will discover that they can have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, Prince of peace. Continue to pray for those who live on their own (how many in CEC can you think of?). Pray that all of us will know the constant presence of the Lord Jesus with us.

According to Luke 18, v.1-8, let us persist in praying for Tommy Hyslop’s full recovery, despite the setbacks, and ask the Lord to lead him to repentance and faith. Pray for Maria during her roller-coaster experience, that she will be upheld physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Thank God for Alex Adrain’s return home. Pray for recovery, healing and calm.

Pray for those whose health issues have been put back due to the pandemic.

Continue to pray for those in CEC who work in the NHS or in health-related fields: Lynne, Violet, Susan, Maureen, Robert, Blessing, Lynsey and Mairi.

Pray for Burt: encouragement, support, freshness; and for God’s presence, wisdom, and direction to guide him.