Update 26nd January 2021

Coming Back to Church Video

Prayer Points Below

Dear church family,

Good morning and welcome to another update.

I do hope you have been encouraged since the beginning of January as we settled into another series of online services. Paul’s words in Ephesians have been a great challenge to me as I think about the reconciling work of Christ and what that means for us.

This Sunday we will be back at 11am to continue the series in Ephesians. The passage this time is 4:1-16, ‘The Church’. Remember there is no evening service this week and therefore no communion. The next evening service with communion will be February 7th.

The leaders will continue to keep a watchful eye over the government announcements and guidelines but unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, our services will remain online.

I do believe the day will come when we will be standing together in CEC worshipping the Lord. What a day that will be!

Links for the services on Sunday will be out later in the week.

In His Grace


Prayer points

“The Most High God rules the kingdom of men, and sets over it whom He will”. Daniel 5 v21. “He executes judgement, putting down one and lifting up another” Psalm 75 v7.

God doesn’t make up His plans as He goes along. He didn’t wind up the clock and walk away. He is the one who feeds the birds, makes the grass grow for the cattle and is in charge of everything.

This is the God that we come to pray to; the God on whom we can rely in these difficult times and the God in whom we can have complete confidence. He is sovereign.

As we come to prayer let us praise the Lord for the good, good Father He is!

  • Pray for our leaders in Westminster and Holyrood. Pray that the Lord would raise up God-fearing people in our Assembly.
  • Pray for a fair distribution of the vaccine worldwide.
  • Pray that the current lockdown measures coupled with the vaccine would be affective.
  • Pray for countries which are being severely affected by the virus and who are struggling to cope, poor or war-torn countries.
  • Give thanks for the country we live in where we can afford to help so many through this terrible time and support the businesses that we can.
  • Give thanks for our church family and all it represents in our lives. Thank God for the fact that we can still communicate and see each other.
  • Pray for the young folk in our church that parents would read the bible with them and pray with them in the home. Pray for them as they continue their studies online.
  • Pray for those in our fellowship who are frontline workers that they would be kept safe and would cope with the situations they face.
  • Pray for Katie Ash-Wilson that she recovers physically and for her to experience God’s peace as she trusts in Him to regain her strength.
  • Pray for Hugh Young who has the virus that he recovers fully.
  • Pray for Bill Buchan’s family, Sybil and her two daughters, as they cope with their loss, especially after Bill’s funeral last Thursday.
  • Pray for Ruth Houston and Grace Adrain as they cope with their loss.