Family Service

When: every Sunday, 11:30am – 12:30pm

Where: Central Evangelical Church, John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock


Our family services include creche facilities, JAM club for children and  Bible classes for young people.  Services typically comprise a time of worship, sermon and input from different groups within the church.

Occasionally, family communion will form part of this service, in which case there will be no 10am communion service that Sunday.


DateSpeaker  Description
22/09/19Pastor Burt Garrick  ESTHER:THE UNSEEN GOD: Esther ch.8
29/09/19Derrick Vaughan  ESTHER:THE UNSEEN GOD: Esther ch.9 & ch.10 (communion during Family Service)


DateSpeaker  Description
15/09/19Pastor Burt GarrickESTHER:THE UNSEEN GOD: Esther ch.6 & ch.7
08/09/19Pastor Burt GarrickESTHER:THE UNSEEN GOD: Esther ch.4 & ch.5
01/09/19Pastor Burt GarrickESTHER:THE UNSEEN GOD: Esther ch.2 - ch.3:15
25/08/19Pastor Burt Garrick ESTHER:THE UNSEEN GOD: Esther CH.1
18/08/19Pastor Burt Garrick FINDING GOD IN HARD PLACES: Gideon and testing God: Judges 6:1-40
11/08/19Alex McLeod FINDING GOD IN HARD PLACES: Nicodemus and becoming bold: John 3
04/08/19Pastor Burt Garrick FINDING GOD IN HARD PLACES: Jacob and wrestling with God: Genesis 32:22-32
28/07/19Brian Smith FINDING GOD IN HARD PLACES: Joseph and forgiveness: Genesis 50:15-21
21/07/19John Burns FINDING GOD IN HARD PLACES: John Mark and failure: Mark 14
14/07/19David Adams FINDING GOD IN HARD PLACES: John the Baptist and doubt: Luke 7:18-35
07/07/19Gareth James FINDING GOD IN HARD PLACES: Esther and courage: Esther 4:1-17
30/06/19Alex McLeod  FINDING GOD IN HARD PLACES:Elijah and despair (Communion during Family Service)
16/06/19Pastor Burt GarrickIN AWE OF THE KING: The King has come: Matthew 21:1-22