Evening Service

When: every Sunday, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Where: Central Evangelical Church, John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock


Our Evening Bible Teaching Service typically comprises a time of worship, followed by a time of bible teaching.  All are welcome to this service, however there are no children’s clubs or creche.

Sometimes a mission report or other special report will replace the normal programme.

The Youth Fellowship meet at 8pm, after the evening service, in Number 11.


DateSpeaker  Description
03/11/19Colin Adams  2 CORINTHIANS: A separated people -2 Corinthians ch.6:14-18 & ch.7:1
10/11/19Stephen McQuoid  2 CORINTHIANS: Generosity in giving -2 Corinthians ch.8:1-15 & ch.9:6-15
17/11/19Pastor Burt Garrick  2 CORINTHIANS: An all-sufficient grace -2 Corinthians ch.12:1-10


DateSpeaker  Description
20/10/19Stephen McQuoid 2 CORINTHIANS: Suffering for Christ -2 Corinthians ch.6:3-13 &ch.11:16-33
13/10/19John McLeod 2 CORINTHIANS: God's ambassadors -2 Corinthians ch.5:11-21 & ch.6:2
06/10/19James McNay 2 CORINTHIANS: A new eternal body -2 Corinthians ch.5:1-10
22/09/19John Burns 2 CORINTHIANS: Treasures in jars of clay -2 Corinthians ch.4:1-18
15/09/19Pastor Burt Garrick 2 CORINTHIANS: The glories of the New Covenant -2 Corinthians ch.3:7-18
08/09/19Stephen McQuoid 2 CORINTHIANS: A letter from Christ -2 Corinthians ch.2:12-17 & ch.3:1-6
01/09/19Pastor Burt Garrick  2 CORINTHIANS: God, the source of all comfort - 2 Corinthians ch.1:1-11