1st to 3rd February

Speaker Ian Coffey, Vice Principal Moorlands Bible College

Friday 1st          Session 1 – 7:30 – 9:00
Saturday 2nd   Session 2 – 11:00 – 12:30
Lunch –      12:30 – 1:30
Session 3 – 1:30 – 3:00
Sunday 3rd       Session 4 – 11:30 – 12:30




DateSpeaker  Description
12/11/16David Robertson 2. Confidence in Christ Alone
12/11/16David Robertson 1.-Speaking of hope in a world that seems hopeless


Session 1 – Speaking Hope in a World that Seems Hopeless

Session 2 – Confidence in Christ Alone



DateSpeaker  Description
07/02/16Peter Maiden DISCIPLESHIP MATTERS:The reason for it all
07/02/16Peter MaidenDISCIPLESHIP MATTERS:Mind the Gap
06/02/16Peter Maiden DISCIPLESHIP MATTERS:Who am I
06/02/16Peter Maiden DISCIPLESHIP MATTERS:It's all about relationships
05/02/16Peter Maiden DISCIPLESHIP MATTERS:The Glory of Christ



CEC Weekend Comp (Small)

STAYING POWER – Studies in 2 Timothy

Click on the PDF graphic for the PowerPoint presentations.

DateSpeaker  Description
22/02/15Alistair PurssSTAYING POWER: 5. Be Equipped
22/02/15Alistair PurssSTAYING POWER: 4. Be Godly (followed by Fellowship Lunch)
21/02/15Alistair PurssSTAYING POWER: 3. Be Careful
21/02/15Alistair PurssSTAYING POWER: 2. Be Loyal
20/02/15Alistair PurssSTAYING POWER: 1.Be Courageous



Title: “I will Build My Church”


DateSpeaker  Description
23/02/14Alastair SimmonsI WILL BUILD MY CHURCH:Challenge
23/02/14Alastair SimmonsI WILL BUILD MY CHURCH:Mission
22/02/14Alastair SimmonsI WILL BUILD MY CHURCH:Unity
22/02/14Alastair SimmonsI WILL BUILD MY CHURCH:Problems
21/02/14Alastair SimmonsI WILL BUILD MY CHURCH:Foundations


Title: Going Deeper with God, Stephen McQuoid

Video Presentations:


DateSpeaker  Description
21/04/13Stephen McQuoid God Centred Chillaxing (Worship)
17/02/13Stephen McQuoid The Importance of Celebrating Communion
17/02/13Stephen McQuoidPractising Community
16/02/13Stephen McQuoidBuilding Foundations
16/02/13Stephen McQuoidHungry for Conversation
15/02/13Stephen McQuoidLoving Marriage or Civilised Partnership


Title: Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire with Don Palmer


DateSpeaker  Description
05/02/12Don PalmerFresh Wind, Fresh Fire - Dove
05/02/12Don PalmerFresh Wind, Fresh Fire - Oil
04/02/12Don PalmerFresh Wind, Fresh Fire - River
04/02/12Don PalmerFresh Wind, Fresh Fire - Fire
03/02/12Don PalmerFresh Wind, Fresh Fire - Breath